online screener available on request

God Ate My Passport CCTV 1-6
HD video, varied duration

God Ate My Passport CCTV 1-6 is an installation comprised of six videos accomplished during the residency in Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art. The footage from public webcams around the village of Saas Fee was put on the monitors in the shop windows along the main street.

The camera’s gaze is averted; instead of a face, its lens is pointed at a mountain peak. Recognition software has nothing to recognise. A piece of surveillance technology taken out of the context of the city steps down from potentially intrusive and aggressive information-gathering process and enters a space of contemplation. In this space, the relationship between the two objects - the camera and the landscape it records - is invited forth as a form of spiritual practice where the ‘spirit’ is resolutely non-human.