Some Entropy in Your Tea
video projection, 8'15''
computer-generated voice

please watch in HD

Imagine a world bereft of human presence. The world after the world's end. Now, imagine there's a conscious entity, an artificial intelligence. Except for its own extensive knowledge, in absence of a human there are no reference points against which it could measure its own existence. Will it then consider itself human? Will there be any border between human and non-human? The information that this entity possesses might work as a memory, and it might become a structuring impulse as easily as a trigger for madness.

At this point in history humanity amasses and stores more information than ever. It became a weight on the planet's shoulders as well as on our minds. The information in the information age is in a state of primordial chaos and confusion. The enlightenment is hidden in madness. The uroboric quest of acquiring absolute knowledge is impossible for humanity to achieve; just the same, for an imaginary artificial mind our world is an unsolvable puzzle. The end of the world then becomes for both an ultimate prioritising machine, a way of assuming an alien gaze at the humanity and a way of breaking the loop.