Tiger Bones: Image Ecology in Anthropocene (2016-2018)

Alex Anikina's lecture-performance is an inquiry into the image ecology in the times of Anthropocene. Departing from the understanding of images as living things, the lecture will investigate how the 'life' - or non-life - of images changed with the claustrophobic ecology that we inhabit.

Entering into a dialogue with an image of a tiger, itself a ghostly emissary that is both an agent of animation and a harbinger of extinction, the lecture will follow its many materials and immaterial encounters with the humankind, technology and other animals and images. The legal production of tiger bone wine, the 'paper tiger' of Mao Zedong and the benevolent Tigers in the post-apocalyptic narrative of Richard Brautigan are woven as ethical and ideological rifts that these encounters opened up.

Using other projects in Anikina's practice as navigation points - the film 'Ostrannenie' (2015) and a future work in progress, the emissary will also attempt to imagine the non-life of images on their own terms: their lifespans, their ability for figuration, their particular temporality and even such an unlikely event as the extinction of all images.